Addition of new latest-generation machines to Team-Metal’s equipment park  

Team-Metal Batam's equipment park has been enriched in Q4 of 2021 with the addition of new cutting-edge machines for complex machining and quality control. These machines are our latest generation.

Addition of new latest-generation machines to Team-Metal’s equipment park  


These latest acquisitions add to a series of equipment reinforcement initiatives, which serve to continually secure Team-Metal’s confidence as a reliable partner to our customers for all their precision machining needs. Thanks to our rich and varied machine park featuring quality machines by world-renowned manufacturers, we have been able to provide a wide mix of precision machining capabilities and support clients in different fields with the design and production of custom complex components.  

The first in this batch was DMG-Mori’s DMU 50 3rd generation, a CNC Universal 5-axis milling machine produced in 2020 in Germany. The machine features a swivel rotary table capable of holding loads of up to 300kg, made from one-part iron casting guaranteeing extreme stiffness. For highest flexibility, the table working area is increased to 500 X 450 X 400 mm, with swivel area of the B-axis -35°/+ 110°. All core components, including table bearings, are provided with active cooling for reliable long-term operation and continuous precision. The machine provides positioning accuracy below 6 microns. 

DMG Mori DMU 50 3rd-generation

Our Quality control department has got a new CRYSTA-Apex C776 CNC Coordinate measuring machine by Mitutoyo from 2019. The machine features lightweight materials and innovative machine structure, providing high accuracy in all conditions, great efficiency and travel stability. Besides point-to-point measurement, contact/non-contact scanning functions are available. Machine working area is 700x700x600 mm, and machine accuracy ± (2.2 + 4L/1000) um (L in mm). 

Mitutoyo Crista Apex C776 component measuring machine at Team-Metal factory

We are excited to have this quality equipment added in our park, which will help us to offer our clients even more flexibility and support them with improved efficiency in all their projects.  

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