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Team-Metal’s success can be attributed to its customer-centric mindset. The company’s quality policy strives for 100% customer’s satisfaction through a robust quality management system driving continuous process improvements. 

Born from a Need for Quality Solutions

The difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have been handled in the same way by Team-Metal. Team-Metal persisted and made a strategic plan despite erratic sales, facility lockdowns, and serious disruptions in the global supply chain that caused production stoppages. 

Indeed, it is the team’s determination and passion that has brought Team-Metal to where it is today – whereby even after countless setbacks, it is still committed to deliver excellence to provide the best for their customers. 

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Driven by Customer Focus

Establishing a rapport of trust and collaboration is our number one concern whenever we are approached by a new customer. All our customers know they can unreservedly rely on our support in all phases of their project development, production and handling.    

We actively participate in the product design process for our clients, contributing our knowledge and experience, which frequently enhances the final products’ value. With our customers, we constantly try to explore various options, and we don’t hesitate to provide them with unique solutions for their proprietary systems. 

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