Quality Assurance

Team-Metal believes in constructing quality throughout the entire manufacturing process which includes acquiring quality materials that meets our customers’ requirements.

We have been recognized in multiple ways for our uncompromised compliance with set standards and procedures, through our certifications ISO 9001, 13485 and 14001, as well as for the highest quality of our products – confirmed and rewarded by the loyalty of our valued customers.

Unparalleled Quality in Most Intricate Details  

Unparalleled Quality in Most Intricate Details  

We produce custom parts for highly precise and critical industries like medical, life sciences and analytics, among others. Our high production quality components, as well as the robust quality assurance procedures we have in place and the most up-to-date quality control tools we use to guarantee the dependability, accuracy, and best performance of our products, have earned us the trust of our customers. 

Various testing, inspections, statistic capability studies, analyses, and review procedures are all part of our meticulous quality assurance management process, which ensures that no component leaves our production facilities before it has been completely verified to match the necessary specifications of the customer’s project. 

ISO Certifications

All of our three locations have valid ISO 9001 certifications demonstrating our commitment to continuously meet the needs and expectations of our customers as well as our dedication to uphold all regulatory requirements and enhancement of our operational methods. 

Our production facilities in Indonesia and China have been awarded ISO 13485 certifications, which makes us qualified for the production of components used in medical systems and devices. This certification verifies that we design, develop, manufacture, store and supply safe and efficient components for the medical equipment industry

In 2009 Team-Metal Indonesia is awarded ISO 14001 certification as a recognition of a certified environmental management system, which helps us to identify and control our environmental impact, as well as to improve our environmental performance in a sustainable manner. 

Royal Charter Singapore certification ISO9001: 2015 logo
Certified ISO9001: 2015
Royal Charter Singapore certification for ISO13485: 2016 logo
Certified ISO13485: 2016
TUV Rheinland certification ISO9001 logo
Certified ISO9001 2015
TUV Rheinland certification ISO14001 logo
Certified ISO14001 2015
TUV Rheinland certification ISO13485 logo
Certified ISO13485 2016