Integrated <span>Services</span>

Integrated Services

Customer Service

Regardless of the customer’s company size or industry, our ultimate goal is to provide premium products and first-rate services during every stage of project design and delivery, including a wide range of process capabilities and services. 

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Team-metal's customer support meet-up

Value Engineering

What brings value to us are satisfied customers, and what brings value to our customers are high-quality and well-performing products at affordable costs. That’s why we are happy to assist our customers with value engineering and to work together with them to provide quality components that will optimize the end-value of their systems at competitive costs.  

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Rapid Prototyping

To assist our valued customers to stay competitive and offer high-quality products in today’s fast-moving markets, we provide rapid prototyping service, including value engineering and low-volume machining. 

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Engineering Development

In agreement with the customer, and in-line with the required functionality and characteristics of the product for which we are contracted to produce the parts, we will design the optimal manufacturing flow with the most cost-effective use of resources and utilizing ideal machining processes to achieve the desired quality. 

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Inventory Hub

We work closely with customers to understand their business forecasts and offer support in inventory management so they can run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.  

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Turnkey Management

Team-Metal places a strong emphasis on offering value-added services and presenting customers with genuinely effective and integrated solutions in addition to utilizing the most recent technologies to address the particular challenges of each precision machining project. This enables us to serve as a trustworthy one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs. 

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