CNC Turning

At Team-Metal, we specialize in precision turning using advanced CNC lathes to provide reliable high-quality service to customers from different industries. 

Rich CNC Turning Experience 

Rich Turning Experience 
Team-Metal has a fleet of the latest CNC bar turning and milling machines.

The extensive fleet of more than 90 CNC lathes in Team Metal enables us to produce small to large series of high-quality precise turned components. The range consists of Automatic Bar Feed Lathes, Turret Lathes and Gang Lathes. 

We operate with the latest generation machine from world renowned machine manufacturers like Mori Seiki, Tzugami, Cimcom, Takaheshi, Goodway and others. 

We operate a wide range of over 80 CNC turning lathes across our three machining centers, which enables us to produce small to large series of high-quality precise turned metal components.  

Our turning capabilities includes machines with auxiliary drilling and milling functions to enable us to complete sophisticated components in a single process set-up.  

Medical Equipment

Sub Components for medical fixtures cropped

Our production plants in Indonesia and China carry active ISO 13485 certifications, which qualifies us for the production and handling of medical instruments and components for medical equipment.   

For our customers in the medical field, we produce highly precise, custom components for medical devices, orthopaedic implants and surgery instruments.   

We work with all materials used in the medical field, including medical stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and plastics for medical devices. 

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