CNC Turning

At Team-Metal, we specialize in precision turning using advanced CNC lathes to provide reliable high-quality service to customers from different industries. 

Rich CNC Turning Experience 

Rich Turning Experience 
Team-Metal proudly boasts a fleet of the latest CNC turning and milling machines.

The extensive fleet of more than 90 CNC lathes in Team Metal enables us to produce small to large series of high-quality precise turned components. The range consists of Automatic Bar Feed Lathes, Turret Lathes and Gang Lathes. 

We operate with the park of latest generation machines from world-renowned machine manufacturers like Mori Seiki, Tzugami, Cimcom, Takaheshi, Goodway and others.

cnc turned machined components team metal

Team-Metal uses a wide range of over 90 CNC turning lathes across our three machining centers, which enables us to produce small to large series of high-quality precise turned metal components.

Our turning capabilities includes machines with auxiliary drilling and milling services functions to enable us to complete sophisticated components in a single process set-up.  

Medical and Life Sciences Equipment

Sub Components for medical fixtures cropped

Team-Metal production plants in Indonesia and China carry active ISO 13485 certifications, which qualifies us for the production and handling of medical instruments and CNC turned components for medical equipment.   

For our customers in the medical field, we produce highly precise, custom-made components for medical devices, orthopaedic implants and surgery instruments. 

The CNC machining process in life science equipment manufacturing is crucial for producing precise components used in devices like pumps, valves, sample holders, and other cylindrical parts. The high level of automation and accuracy provided by CNC machining contributes to the efficiency, reliability, and performance of life science equipment in various applications.

Our CNC turning for medtech, analytical instruments, and life sciences precision machined components serve OEM manufacturers and global markets with great success.

We work with all materials used in the medical field, including medical stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and plastics for medical devices. 

Other Compatible Services Offered by Team-Metal

With years of expertise as precision machined components contract manufacturer, Team-Metal is committed to delivering integrated solutions beyond CNC machining. Our goal is to empower clients to concentrate on their core tasks while we handle all aspects of providing top-quality precision machined components.

Product Development and Prototyping: Understanding the importance of customer-centric solutions, Team-Metal has expanded its services to meet the evolving needs of both existing and prospective clients. Our team of engineers offers engineering and product development, as well as quick prototyping, tailored specifically for high-mix low-volume production requirements.

Inventory Management: To prove our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer inventory management solutions through our Singapore center, including a safety stock service. This acts as a dependable safeguard, assisting clients during periods of heightened demand or unforeseen market fluctuations, ensuring seamless navigation through inventory complexities and potential delays in product delivery. Clients can rely on our expertise in administrative and stock handling matters.

Customer Support: Our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service ensures that clients receive support at every stage of their journey with us. From addressing inquiries to managing concerns, our dedicated team strives for 100% customer satisfaction, be it a product quality to project management.

Turnkey Management: For clients looking for comprehensive support, we offer turnkey management solutions that include the entire lifecycle from initial design to delivery and stock management. Leveraging our industry expertise, we collaborate closely with customers and their supply network to manage every aspect of the supply chain, ensuring optimal sourcing, negotiation, and qualification processes.

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