Turnkey Management

Full-cycle Support

Our team of engineers offers turnkey management for customers’ electro-mechanical assemblies along with customized design and development programs. We collaborate with our customers to source, select, negotiate, qualify, and manage the entire supply chain thanks to our knowledge of the area and connections with trustworthy suppliers. 

Together with the mechanical components produced in-house. Our skilled team will set up the necessary workspace, develop the necessary tools and fixtures, establish procedures and systems, as well as carry out internal training to ensure that all assembly projects will proceed without a hitch from the quotation stage all the way through to the customer’s delivery. 

Full-cycle Support

Benefits of Turnkey Management 

Customers who are looking for low-cost manufacturing solutions can benefit especially from turnkey management, and Team-Metal will be the best fit for their requirements. Additionally, we oversee a “Vendor Management Inventory” in accordance with the needs of our customer’ businesses. 

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