Turnkey Manufacturing Services

Team-Metal provides all-in-one custom machining services for its clients across the globe: CNC turning, milling, casting, surface finishing, and assembly.


ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 14001: 2015

ISO 13485: 2016

Turnkey Manufacturing Services
Turnkey Management

Turnkey Management

Team-Metal is a genuine all-in-one manufacturing company. We provide our clients with a turnkey management to significanlty reduce their management time and costs.

Trusted Machining Partner

Trusted Machining Partner

Team-Metal prides itself on being a reliable Singapore-based partner providing the best-in-class custom machining services for clients spanning across the globe.

  • Customer Service
  • Supply chain guarantee
  • On time delivery
  • Quick expedition
Confidence from Experience

Confidence from Experience

When you partner with Team-Metal to machine components for your project, you can expect the highest level of precision and quality, as well as consistency that comes from all-in-one manufacturing services.

  • Integrated quality assurance processes
  • Latest generation machines
  • Top-quality sourcing and procurement
  • Highly trained staff

CNC Turning

Around 80 cutting-edge CNC turning machines are shared among our manufacturing facilities, enabling us to produce small to large series of a variety of components, from straightforward pins and screws to intricate turned components.

cnc machining component
cnc turning components team-metal

CNC Milling

Over 200+ single and multi-axis CNC machining centers enable us to provide milling service to customers with highly customized designs of milled components for most diverse applications, spanning from medical to lifestyle industries.

milling component team-metal
milled components team-metal

Metal Casting

Team-Metal specializes in different casting techniques, providing cast components of complex designs and reliable quality for a variety of industries.

metal casting team-metal
metal casting components team-metal

Surface Treatments

A variety of surface treatments are available in-house according to our customers’ needs, including anodizing, copper and steel passivation, nickel plating, chromate coating, electro-polishing, as well as subsequent quality assurance.

surface treatment team-metal
surface treatment components team-metal

Turnkey Assembly

We offer our customers an exceptional one-stop service, assisting them from start to finish with product design, machining, assembly and inventory management.

semi assembled CNC machined medical components from team-metal
precision machined components and assemblies for medical devices, life-style items and high-tech devices

Genuinely pleased with the support that Team Metal has rendered throughout the years be it for manufacturing or development work. Looking forward to many more great years of partnership!

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