Metal Casting

Team-Metal specializes in machining different casting techniques, providing cast components of complex designs and reliable quality for a variety of industries.

Experienced Metalworking Experts

Over the years, we have established a number of highly skilled casting manufacturers in the region to provide us with high quality casting for our machining operations to satisfy and meet the demands of our customers.

We are able to provide machining of different types of castings that include: Pressure Die Castings and Sand Castings. We assist customers to select the most suitable casting type based on the required quantity and complexity that will provide the most cost effective solution.

metal casting team-metal

Array of casting materials

The following are some of the types of castings and common material used;

What sets us apart from other metal casting workshops is the integrated services we can provide to our customers, which not only includes the component design according to the customer’s needs, but also after cast processes, like machining processes, surface treatments and assembly services.  

Advantages of metal casting

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