Surface Treatments

An array of surface treatment options are available from both in-house facility and reliable external vendors. 

We provide various types of surface finish treatments which improve the mechanical and electrical properties, wear resistance and service life for the metal components and assemblies we produce.

Chemical and Electro Treatments

We offer several surface treatment options in-house. For other processes, we have trustworthy surface finish treatment specialist vendors in close vicinity to avoid any logistical issues or delays.

Chemical and electro treatments

Following are the major electro and electroless treatments available in our facility: 


An electrochemical process used to thicken the natural oxide layer on the surface of a metal part or assembly, typically used for light metals such as aluminum. This is an anti-corrosive and non-conductive coating. 

Electroless Plating

Also known as chemical or autocatalytic plating that creates metal coating on various materials to prevent corrosion or wear, or for decorative purpose. In addition to nickel electroless plating, we also offer other plating services in accordance with the needs of our customers. 


Using a variety of acids, this surface finish treatment removes free iron from a metal part’s surface in order to prevent corrosion. Passivation of copper and stainless steel is one of the regular services we provide.


This is a conversion coating process which consists of depositing an oxide layer over a metal surface which forms a layer of passivated metal chromate on the surface. As a result, metals like aluminum and zinc alloys have surfaces that are less reactive and more durable. Typically, we chromate in yellow or clear.

Electro Polish 

Also known as electrochemical polishing, anodic polishing or electrolytic polishing, electropolishing is especially useful for polishing and deburring parts that are fragile or have complex geometries. Electropolishing improves surface finish by reducing surface roughness by up to 50%. 

Electro Polish

Mechanical Surface Treatments 

Several mechanical surface finish treatments are also available in-house which includes: Sand Blasting, Vibratory Media Deburring, Manual Polishing, Buffing, Teflon Spray coating, Stress Relieve and Hardening.

Surface Treatments Quality Assurance 

In ensuring the quality and reliability of our surface finish treatments that meet customers’ requirements and International Standards we are equipped with the following: 

Expert Advice 

We pay detailed attention to the required characteristics and the intended use of the components we are contracted to machine, regardless of the volume of production series or the customer’s industry.  

In line with the requirements of our customers’ projects, our engineers will offer professional guidance with regards to the ideal surface treatments, hence extending the service life and enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of the parts manufactured by us.  

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