CNC Milling

Team-Metal prides ourselves with wide expertise in precision CNC Milling. Our CNC machining process consists of 3-axis to 5-axis, horizontal and full 5-axis machines. Size ranges from small to large (exceed 1m). 

CNC Milling Experts

Our extensive selection of machines gives us the freedom to choose the ideal machine(s) for each component, ensuring the most affordable solution and shorter production lead times. 

CNC Milling Experts

From renowned manufacturers like DMG, Mikron, Mori Seiki, Brother, Fanuc, and others, our equipment park features more than 200 units of Machining Centers in various sizes. They include the latest generation of CNC machining technology machines which enable us to produce parts with high accuracy that adhere to the strict tolerances and requirements of our clients.

Complex CNC Milled Components for Various Applications

Team-Metal, a CNC machining service expert, has more than 3 decades of precision machining experience, latest high accuracy machines and combined with the latest CAD/CAM programming software, we are able to manufacture highly complex components. 

Complex Milled Components for Various Applications

We serve a wide range of industries including Medical, Life Sciences, Analytics/Diagnostic, Office Automation and more. 

Milled Materials

We manufacture CNC milled components made from a variety of materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and host of Engineering Plastics. 

Ferrous Metals:

Non-Ferrous Metals:

Engineering Plastics:


Team-Metal Offers Integrated Services

As a long-term experienced precision components contract manufacturer, Team-Metal aims to provide other integrated services to its customers apart from precision machining capabilities like CNC machining. Our clients have the freedom to focus on their work while we do everything that needs to be done to provide them with the best quality CNC milled components.

Development and Prototyping: Based on previous requirements from our clients, having a customer-centric mindset, Team-Metal decided to provide services that our existing and future clients may find useful. For example, you can count on our expert team of engineers when it comes to engineering development and rapid prototyping, of course, all in terms of high-mix low-volume production.

Inventory Management: We also provide inventory hub in our Singapore center as a part of our safety stock service. This serves as a reliable buffer, aiding customers in times of high demand or unforeseen events in navigating the complexities of inventory management, market fluctuations and the ever-changing demands of the market that might delay product delivery. Our customers know they can rely on us and our knowledge of administrative and stock handling matters. 

Customer Service: Of course, all these services are followed by our impeccable customer service that supports our clients every step of the way and strives for 100% customer satisfaction from product quality to project management. They can contact us regarding any question or doubt that they may have throughout the process and our dedicated team will be happy to assist.

Turnkey Management: In case you still need more from us, we provide turnkey management – a full cycle support from the initial design to delivery and stock, as well as working hand in hand with our clients to handle every aspect of the supply chain, from sourcing and selection to negotiation and qualification, thanks to our expertise in the field and strong ties with reputable suppliers.

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